Licensed Drone Services

CASA licensed and certified drone (RPA) operators, providing professional aerial photography, inspection and video services.

CASA Licensed and Certified

Sky Monkey is CASA licenced and certified to commercially operate drones (RPAs), license no: ReOC.0701

Fully Insured

Sky Monkey is fully insured for any damage and public liability of up to $20 million.

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates for all our work. If you find another licensed and certified operator with a lower price, let us know so we can match (if not, beat) their price.

Quality Guarantee

All our work is quality guaranteed. If you do not like the work we’ve done, we’ll either re-do the work or you can have your money back. GUARANTEED.

Residential Real Estate

Create an edge over your competitors by providing an aerial perspective of your properties. Packages start from $290 for a set of pictures that are stunning, high resolution, and commercially ready, from the sky.

Commercial Real Estate

Give your clients a bird’s eye view of your commercial properties, opening up new realisations.
Drone images of commercial buildings around Sydney

Building/Asset Inspections

Take aerial inspections of buildings or assets swiftly, cost effectively and most of all, risk free of injury.
Asset inspection from the air using drones, of a power substation in Sydney.

Construction Progress

Provide a competitive edge by presenting progress photographs and video to your clients.
Construction progress drone photos and video in Sydney


Get aerial shots of your special events such as sports, weddings and conferences.
Aerial photos and video of events, weddings, sports, soccer, footbool in Sydney

Some of our customers

Based in Sydney but we operate Australia wide.


Get in touch with us here, if you have any questions for just about anything.